Groom back hugging his bride dressed in green wedding gown
Groom proudly holding his first American muscle car plate number and having a playful smile
Bestmen helping groom putting on his black bow tie
Groom catching parents kissing secretly behind his back
Portraits of groom, his family and bestmen
Classic portrait of groom and his parents
Bride holding her pink bouquet and fixing her pearl necklace
Bride spinning and playing with her wedding dress
Bride holding her dress and smilling beautifully
Bride and her father affectionately hugging and laughing together
Bride being kissed by her dear mother
Wedding couple seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day
Priest, wedding couple and their godparents getting ready for entering church
Priest, wedding couple and guests being in position for the beginning of the wedding ceremony
Priest blessing wedding rings and putting the ring on the groom's finger
Priest blessing and crowning the wedding couple
Parents and grandparents attending happily the wedding ceremony of their children
Bride and groom wearing the wedding crowns and the priest praying
Bride and groom playing and kissing by the pool at Radisson Blu Hotel
Bride and groom kissing and walking to their wedding reception
Pastel flowers and candles wedding reception table arrangement at Radisson Blu Hotel Bucharest
Bride and groom opening their wedding reception with their first dance
Godparents dancing and having fun at wedding reception
Guests partying together with the wedding couple at their wedding reception
Guests having fun and singing along with artist Corina Chiriac at a wedding reception
Wedding guests dancing around singer Corina Chiriac at Radisson-Blu-Hotel-Bucharest wedding reception
Bride and groom dancing and having fun with their guests at their wedding reception
Bride dancing with her father at her wedding reception
Couples dancing romantically at a wedding reception with lights shining softly over them
Groom kissing his bride and covering her up with his suit jacket to protect her from cold
Wedding couple cutting the wedding cake together with their godparents
Groom tickling his bride on their way home from the wedding reception