Bride and groom dancing surrounded by bubbles nd magenta lights

"I really don't know how to reveal everything I feel, all the gratitude and the happiness that he successfully brought to us.

I placed all my trust in him, in his assignment of immortalizing the unrepeatable moments of our lives. Now, after we ate the cake and our guests are all gone, we can truthfully say that Vlad was by far the greatest choice ever. He is that man in whose eyes you can see not only raw sincerity, but also imagination, creativity, and fine taste. All these are combined into an ambitious personality with an active and positive attitude.

We had a friend beside us. We laughed like crazy incessantly. Having him near us, everything was so relaxing... We absolutely adore his style in which he creates these magical photographs. It's like we're watching images captured from a movie. That's how our wedding album looks like.

We thank you wholeheartedly for your dedication to keep our wedding story alive for the rest of our lives.

Can't wait to see you again!

Ana & Alex" | Bucharest, Romania

Full moon silhouette of bride and groom

"We first heard of Vlad from our best friends who were about to become our godparents. They showed us their wedding album made by Vlad and it was a jaw dropper. We were entirely fascinated by it. To be honest, my first thoughts were: "They are young, beautiful and happy. With such blessings it was a given to have such outstanding images". But there was something more to their images than just a pretty sight. They had a particular sensitivity and an irresistible warmth. A "quelque chose" that made us say on the spot: "Yes, this is exactly what we want for our wedding day!"

We cannot thank him enough for everything, but mostly for his amazing creation, our wedding album.

With love,

Irina & Turc" | Balchik, Bulgaria

Japanese wedding couple at Eiffel Tower in Paris

"We cannot thank you enough for your work and for being with us.

Looking back, the preparation was tough, but the days in Paris flew by… It’s been only a week, but it seems like Paris was months ago now. Back in our small apartment in Tokyo, it really feels like the days with you were a dream.

Miwako & Hodaka" | Tokyo, Japan

Wedding couple hiding under an umbrella from the summer rain

"I am so emotional right now... You made a huge dream of mine come true when you accepted to photograph our wedding day.

First of all, I was really moved by the man inside you and I appreciated your way of being more than anything. You are one of the very few photographers who can become a friend. You can't imagine how grateful I am for the friend you've been to me and for all the effort you put into giving me a wedding literally painted on canvas that I can be proud of for the rest of my life.

I didn't wish for any other gift than this wedding album. It is so gorgeous! It's breathtaking! I am the happiest woman in the universe! And I thank you for that!

I sincerely appreciate you for everything you do and for the heart and the soul you've put into this. I am so proud that I've met you!

Forever yours,

Aliz & Alex" | Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Monochromatic closeup of a wedding couple kissing under the bride's veil

"We wanted our album to be able to radiate the joy, the anticipation and the excitement we felt on our wedding day and to make it timeless. Now, going through these pages, our emotions are as clear and focused as the photographs that we hope we will one day show our grandchildren. These pages have become as dear to us as the memories themselves.

Alex & Olga" | Moscow, Russia

Bride and groom playing outside on their wedding day

"Who said you can't go back in time and live a special moment again and again did not meet Vlad!

We appreciated his attention to detail, his vision - simple, yet complicated - and his involvement. I can honestly say that we congratulate ourselves every day for choosing Vlad as our wedding photographer! We simply can't get enough of our pictures!

Andra & Sorin" | London, UK

Couple cuddling outside at sunset during a destination wedding

"We met Vlad a few months before our wedding day. But soon we would have discovered something that we had never seen. He isn't just a photographer. He is an artist!

We have the most beautiful wedding photographs I have ever seen so far, cross my heart! Vlad succeeded to capture everything! Moments, feelings, moods, more precisely all the splendor of our wedding.

What deeply impressed us was that Vlad actually created a moment for us. A moment which completely represented us and that which simply jumps out of the usual patterns of a wedding. It was a huge surprise! And this is exactly what Vlad does. Every single wedding is different in his approach, because, I think, every couple is unique :).

And so is our wedding album. It is... Oh my God... it creates sensation every time it's opened! Even more fascinating is that he manages to see the essence in each of you, even when you're all nervous and excited during the Big Day.

All of this came with an extra bonus for which we're really happy: Vlad became a close and very dear friend for us.

We are so grateful to you,

Raluca & Andrei" | Bucharest, Romania

Bride and groom walking on a road surrounded by flowers with the wind in their hair

"When it comes to the wedding day itself, everyone sees it as the most beautiful day in one's life. In reality, it is more of a combination between beauty and stress, emotion and annoyance, but Vlad's involvement in our wedding was more than a pleasure...

We were so happy that he managed to see each and every single feeling we had during that day, but the real surprise came when we actually saw the photographs. We were stunned by the glamour, the sensitivity and the flattering approach that wrapped every image. It's clear now. Vlad knows exactly how to make you feel more relaxed, how to make you forget that you're being photographed and this allows him to surprise you with the intimacy and the uniqueness of each moment.

Having said that, the wedding was really beautiful, but the moment when we first saw the album was so intense that even now, when I think of it, I can harldy find words to describe it. I can say that it is a delightful taste of overwhelming emotions and nostalgia with joy on top.

Thank you for the whole experince,

Andreea & Sebastian" | Bucharest, Romania