Portrait of Cosmin Vlad, the photographer

Photography is absolutely his passion. He eats, sleeps, dreams photography. It’s not only the moments he’s interested in, it’s also how he feels about those moments. Along with capturing the amazing instants in each couple’s wedding day, he enjoys creating moments that express the glamorous and the fashion side of every event, in his own and unique style. So the photography he does is also about him, and about how he is. The essence he takes out of this is being present in people’s lives, feeling that is an honour, a blessing to be there. In this most important day of people’s lives he’s like an invited guest at some level, always challenged to be able to give his bride and groom a book that 20 years later, when they’d open it up, they’d look at it and say: “Oh, I remember what I was thinking in that moment, I remember what I was feeling in that moment…”

That, for him, is what photography is all about. Reality and memories. The truth that’s told in moments and in photographs, whether it’s only a portrait or a pure action of life unveiled in front of you. And this is what weddings mean to him, life. He loves to seek beauty in each and crystallise it into timeless images that will be treasured for life. All of them will be preserved inside your gorgeous custom made wedding album, created with extreme care by Vlad himself.

Here, his journey begins…


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