Bride and groom walking around Bucharest downtown
White background image of bride with hair gathered in a low bun and wearing a pink flower as hair accesory
White background image of bride with hair gathered in a low bun and wearing a pink flower as hair accesory
Monochromatic close-up view of bride walking in Jimmy Choo shoes
Groom smiling widely when meeting his bride for the first time on their wedding day
Wedding couple affectionately hugging when first meeting each other on their wedding day
Groom holding his bride close to him, beige wall background
Groom holding his wife-to-be's waist
Bride grabbing playfully by the groom's jacket lapels
Groom and bestmen hanging out before wedding
Groom and bestmen cracking jokes and laughing before wedding
Bride and bridesmaids playing around before wedding
Bride and bridesmaids cracking jokes before wedding
Bridesmaids in colourful dresses hugging the bride
Bridesmaids goofing around the groom
Bestmen and bride joking around before wedding
Bride being walked down the church aisle by her father
Wedding couple being blessed and crowned by the priest
Wedding ceremony of American groom and Romanian bride
Group photograph of wedding couple and their guests in front of the church at the end of wedding ceremony
Outdoor wedding reception held at La Brasserie in Bucharest
La Brasserie wedding reception table arrangement with candles and flowers in vases
Wedding reception decorated with lots of candles, flowers, and pink and magenta lights
Wedding couple having their first dance at the wedding reception
Bride dancing with her father at the wedding reception
Bestmen, bridesmaids, parents and family giving speeches for the wedding couple at the reception
Family portraits shot during wedding reception
Groom and bestmen smoking cigars at the wedding reception
Groom putting on Superman cape for fun at wedding reception
Groom unbuttoning his shirt and dancing for the bride at wedding reception
Groom's parents singing along invited artist at their son's wedding reception
Wedding couple cutting green and gold with pink flowers wedding cake
Wedding couple sitting at a venue table covered in candles and flowers